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Karaoke Madness & Studio One Star Search

The creme' de le creme' of Karaoke performed the way it was meant to be.
 We offer a computerized
system with the largest selection of up to date songs to feature you and your guests with your favorite
songs of yesterday and today that you can
perform with confidence.  Vocal processing effects, pro-audio,
sound, lighting and props, are
all designed to make you and your guests the Celestial star of the evening!
Club Scene & Nightclubs

One of the best benefits of being computerized is that we can advertise your club specials and
promotions nightly!
 Our advanced system scrolls customized information as well as performers in the line
up.  We can guarantee a system that greatly increased the number of performances while decreasing wait
an unprecedented benefit to building clientel and keeping them!  
With faster mobility  and no down time between songs, our computerized multi-system allows for
professional DJ music to play between songs as desired and as appropriately
selected for your clientel to
keep the energy going and the register ringing all night long!
Sound & Lighting

We take pride in our experienced technical service and sound technicians.  We use only the best pro-audio
gear and processing equipment offering low distortion ratios, room equalization and processing effects.  
Using the same speakers found at such venues as Universal Studios and Disney, you can feel the superior
comfort and sound quality designed specific for performing with confidence and audience enjoyment.

We offer an array of lighting and special affects from intelligent lighting, fog machines, mirror balls, props
and multi-effects designed to the room and venue of your choice.  An art in itself, the proper use of lighting
with musical entertainment sets the mood,
providing ambiance and excitement to any successful event.

At Coyote Moon Productions we provide sound and lighting reinforcement for live entertainment as well,
including consulting and technical services to help design, set up and manage audio and video (including
surveillance for residential or commercial).  With a wide range of services
just call for information on
affordable competitive pricing for your special event or occasion.
Video Jockeys and Photography

Birthday, Anniversaries, Weddings
and special events are a great time to pull out all the stops and have a
big screen of yesterday and today movies, photos and live scenes from the party showing what
a great
everyone is having and catching special moments.  Or your favorite music video's and psychedelic
Take One!  We can provide DVD memorabilia of your special event.
Theme Coordinating, Event Planning and Catering Services

Our years of professional products and services are designed to promote you with experience and

We're just a click away, so lets get started on your next great memorable event!

So many reasons to celebrate, If you are there so are we!

Parties                                                     Special Occasions                        Events and Clubs
Pool, Picnic, BBQ                                  Anniversaries & Weddings             Conventions/Promotionals
Masquerade                                         Retirement & Employee                 
 Banquets & Galas
School Dances                                      Corporate or Private                       
 Fashion Shows
Children, Teens Graduations               Reunions, Grand openings              
 Club scene
Birthdays                                              Christmas & Holiday                        ......Your next event...

We subscribe to several different music compilation company's.  We have some bilingual music to fill
special requests including additional music in
Country, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative, dance,
karaoke included, salsa, New Age and Christian music and more.

Contact our staff at Coyote Moon Productions to customize your event today!    702 539-9705  
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Disc Jockey/Dance

Jump, Jive, Wail, Rock and Moshe
from 1940 to all the hits of today in every genre from Big Band, Swing,
Rock, Techno, Alternative, Hip Hop, R&B, Country & Dance all Cultural including Christian music and in
between we specialize in musical coordinating and production.  You'll know you made not only the
, but the best choice as we transform time and space. With our theme coordinating designed for your
special occasion
we take musical entertainment to a new level!
 (702) 539-9705